This Blog is NOT About Competing

I decided to make this blog to share all the text messages I receive everyday.  This blog is not meant to compete with the existing best websites out there.  This is my way of appreciating all the senders who wasted their time, effort and money just to send those messages to me. I decided to do it for the purpose of sharing it to everyone than let these bits of wonderful insights lay dormant in the pages of my notebook and at the same time to have more space in my phone memory.  From funny jokes, inspirational quotes and every bits and pieces of messages, I will share it here.    These messages are eating up a lot of space that I have to erase messages in my phone from time to time.  I hate to delete inspirational messages.  So instead of deleting them, I will share them to anyone in this world who would care to read.  

For a start, let me share this Chinese proverb that everyone is so familiar with:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 
Why did I share this?  Mainly because this first post is the first single step I am going to take to begin the journey of this new blog.


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